At Insight Vision we offer:


Accessories are great way of making your spectacle a bit more fun. At Insight we offer a wide range of accessories from spectacle cords to mini keyring screwdrivers… 


Sunglasses are mainly designed to prevent bright lights from entering our eye which damages and makes our eyes uncomfortable. You can get may different tints and shades on your sunglasses…

Contact Lenses

Here at Insight Vision we stock a wide range of the latest, leading brands of contact lenses at competitive prices along with a comprehensive range of aftercare products…

Optical Frames

We have a wide range of optical frames to suit everybody. We stock frames for children and adults. We have a frame for everybody. Weather you want to go for a minimal look…


Sometimes our eyes just take that extra strain which then tends to irritate us. We must make sure that we take care of our eyes with the correct lubricants depending on the condition…

Sports Glasses

Don’t let specs stop you from playing the sports you love. At Insight Vision we can provide you the best and latest pair of sport specs regardless
of the sport…


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