Frequently Asked Questions

During our long tenure of providing the best optical services, we’ve helped thousands of people. Usually, they asked us many similar questions, which we decided to compile here and make it more convenient for our customers to get to know the info.

Won’t it take a long time for me to put Contact Lenses in and take them out?

As with anything, practice makes perfect! Learning how to apply your Contact Lenses is like learning to ride a bike – it might take a little time to work out how to do it, but once you have it’s very quick and easy to get going! After a few goes, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

I play a lot of sports, will my lenses keep falling out?

No! Contact lenses will stay in your eye until you’re ready to remove them. They will also protect you from harmful UV rays.

If my vision’s fine, do I need a regular eye test?

Yes. A comprehensive sight test includes checking the health of the inner and outer parts of the eye, so even if you’re happy with your vision it’s worth having a regular check-up. Eyes can be affected by a number of conditions which may be picked up early through a sight test, giving it less chance of affecting your vision. You should have an eye examination every two years or more regularly if advised by your optometrist.

Does my child have to be able to read before I take them to the optician?

No. Opticians have tests that can be used with infants and preschool children who cannot read. If you have any concerns about your child’s vision you should find a local optician who will test their vision, even if they are very young. If you’ve got no urgent concerns, it might be better to wait until your child is a little older – say around three and a half years old – before taking them for their first full eye examination. Even if your child’s vision seems good, it’s worth taking them for a full sight test when they reach school age, just to make sure there aren’t any issues with their vision that could affect their early school years.


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